Lionel "Elvis" McCarmack
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (Cured)
Race: Caucasian (White)
Nationality: American
Born: Unknown
Status: Alive as of 2019
Fiction or Non Fiction: Fiction
Portrayed by: Willem Dafoe

Lionel "Elvis" McCarmack is a "cured" vampire who transformed back into a human due to a freak car accident.

Early LifeEdit

Lionel, known as Elvis to his friends due to his love of the singer, describes himself as a man who loves cars, even stating his garage was the first to develop day-time driving peripherals.

Some time later in 2009, just like the vast majority of humanity, Elvis evidently became a vampire. He describes his love for day-time driving, when he was able to drive at high speeds without worry of running into the police. However, it is apparent in his flashback that the loss of human blood in his system causes for his mind to play tricks on him, which led to a massive car accident. He flew through his windshield after smashing into a rail, exposing himself to the sun, causing him to burn up just as all vampires do. However, he came crashing down into a small lake, and as he rose to the surface he found himself with a beating heart. Elvis then committed himself to finding human survivors of the plague, and for the next nine years, looked for a way to re-create his experience, in the hopes that it could be the answer to curing the vampires.

Elvis soon meets up with Edward Dalton, a vampiric scientist looking to find a substitute for Human blood. Elvis explains his story to Edward, and the group, including a human woman named Audrey Bennett, set out to find a way to simulate this experience in a safe environment.