Edward Dalton
Edward Dalton
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire (formerly)

Human (currently)

Race: Caucasian (White)
Nationality: American
Born: 1974
Status: Alive as of 2019
Fiction or Non Fiction: Fiction
Portrayed by: Ethan Hawke

Edward Dalton is a vampiric scientist in the year 2019. He is a human sympathizer, and attempts to find a suitable substitute for human blood, before meeting a group of surviving humans who claim to have the cure for vampirism.


Early LifeEdit

Edward's life before the vampire plague is unknown, however, it is known that he did not want to become one, but was bitten by his younger brother, Frankie Dalton, who knew that he would be hunted and farmed if he remained human. Edward was apparently a scientist of some sort, as he would go on to become a hematologist. When the human blood supply begins to dwindle, he is put in charge of the project to produce a substitute.

During the turmoil of the dwindling blood supply, Edward searches rapidly to a find a suitable substitute for human blood. He works for Charles Bromley, a vampire who owns one of the largest blood banking companies in America, Bromley-Marks. His research continues, and after many failed clinical trials, Edward loses hope.

On the drive home from work, he notices that his ears are becoming pointed, and realizes that he is suffering from blood deprivation. While he is distracted, he runs another car off the road. The people get out, and one of them shoots Ed. He sees that they are human, and when the police arrive, he offers to hide them in his car. They get in, he turns on the sunlight shields, and sends the police off in the wrong direction. One of the humans, a young woman named Audrey, thanks him, and they depart.

He returns home, and finds Frankie there to celebrate his birthday, which Edward laments as being his "thirty fifth birthday for the fifth time". Frankie brings over a bottle of pure human blood, a luxury awarded only to soldiers, which provokes an argument concerning Edward's sympathies for humanity. The fight is broken up when they are attacked by a Sub-Sider. They kill the creature, and learn that it was, in fact, a local gardener that Ed knew.

Later, Audrey breaks into his house, and tells him to come to the local park at midday alone. She introduces him to "Elvis", a "cured" vampire, who after a horrible car accident, was able to become a human again after being exposed to the sun for a short period of time. Ed attempts to recreate this incident, and is able to cure himself. Later, he discovers that cured vampire blood will also cure anyone who ingests it, and sets out to cure as many vampires as possible before it's too late.